Ikon Virtual Queuing m fade Virtual Queuing System

By using a push-button kiosk or an interactive alternative with one of our touch screens, customers are issued a ticket or placed in a virtual queue. The customer can now be comfortably seated in a reception area rather than standing in line. The customers specific need is placed in an electronic queue where it will interface with the virtual control panel located on the work station attendants computer. The attendant will then use the control panel to call forward, transfer or otherwise manage your customers needs.

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Benefits and features:

  • Queue customer using names or numbers
  • Place people in the queue using a touch screen, push-button kiosk, receptionist or by SMS (text)
  • Display on TV´s, LED´s or integrate with Digital Signage
  • Customers can be moved and tracked through the entire process
  • Analysis of statistical history
  • Establish improvements

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