Ikon SMS m fade Queuing by SMS text message

With most of our queuing systems, you have the possibility of connecting text messaging services. This means additional functions that allow your customers to make use of their waiting time in locations other than your office. These functions could be especially useful in organisations that work with time booking or have long waiting times, for example an emergency room.

The customer receives a ticket number by text message when “getting in line” (patented). The ticket number can also be taken from a website or a touch screen dispenser. The customer can then receive information about waiting times and the number of people already waiting via a text message. Furthermore, the system is able to send a reminder before the customers number is called, based on the current queuing situation in the system.

When booking a time, the customer can receive a confirmation text of the scheduled time and also a reminder text at a selected point in time before the meeting should take place.

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