Ikon Small Business Queuing m fade Small Business Queuing

The Easy-Q system is a simple queue management system that uses preprinted tickets to fill the most basic of queuing needs.
The Single Queue system is for fast moving environments where the next person in a physical line is directed to an available window.

The Easy-Q and the Single Queue systems from Nemo-Q are designed to be used in any environment where people wait in line. When a teller presses a button, the display or TV screen shows the next ticket number in an Easy-Q system or the teller number in a Single Queue system and a vioce announces “teller number 4, please”. Both systems use wireless push buttons and are completely maintenance free.

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Easy-Q and Single Queue benefits:

  • Easily self-installed system
  • Available with displays for each teller window
  • Adjustable flash times and settings
  • Wireless remotes for each teller
  • Voice unit announces in any language
  • Stand alone central unit does not require a PC
  • Digital Signage compatible using a RS232 output
  • Can be delivered with a complete Digital Signage package
  • Handles up to 32 work stations

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