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Nemo-Q systems:

  • Work in all healthcare environments; admitting, labs, pharmacies and clinics
  • Manage patient throughput, wait time and staff productivity
  • Seamlessly merge walk-in-traffic with appointments

Healthcare facilities all over the world are using Nemo-Q systems to increase overall patient satisfaction, improve throughput and manage their wait times. We recognize that rarely are two operations the same and each patient flow solution usually has to be equally unique. Let one of our specialists help you find the solution that is right for you.

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Benefits and features:

  • Queue patients by type of service needed
  • Transfer and track patients between departments
  • Receptionist or kiosk operated
  • Used in 20,000 healthcare facilities in 45 coutries
  • “IT friendly” network options
  • Establish and measure improvements
  • Produces historical reports
  • Monitor wait time and throughput in real-time

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