Ikon Digital Signag m fade Digital Signage

To give your customers a pleasant wait as well as contributing to making the perceived waiting time as short as possible, you can connect the queuing system to an external media, for example a system for Digital Signage.

Digital Signage is a growing concept within media handling and involves the use of digital image screens that convey sound, image and other media. This media is suitable in stores and other public environments such as shopping malls, hotels and airports. The screens, which are placed in different locations both inside and outside the waitng area, can be used for showing the queue number with cashier number and location reference together with other information such as advertisements, campaigns, company and public news or a TV-program. Furthermore, the screens can be frequently and independently updated to show different messages on different screens, while your customers are free to move about the premises or have a seat and watch TV without having to feel that they are “just” waiting for their turn.

At Nemo-Q we can help you customize a system with external media that meets your organizations specific needs, regardless of size. If you already have an existing system for Digital Signage, it is possible to connect a Nemo-Q queuing system into your existing media.

Our system can easily be integrated with all occurring Digital Signage systems although we have an enhanced cooperation with MultiQ, our partner in a number of successful projects.

If you are interested in learning more about this or any other type of our queuing systems, feel free to contact us.