Ikon CFP m fade Customer Feedback Panel

For the opportunity to get usable feedback from customers which leads to greater opportunities in making improvements in your organizations´ Customer Relation Management (CRM), you need a Customer Feedback Panel (CFP). When using the CFP, the customer selects one of 5 options to give his or her opinion of the service level. The feedback is stored as a transaction code in the NQ-Statistics to maximize the statistical value.

Information can be shown in real time. This gives management the opportunity to catch the customer before the he or she leaves that location. It is also possible to install the Customer Feedback Panel as an on-line application. The on-line application requires an MSSQL database to be installed.

The Customer Feedback Panel can be connected either via USB to the Pc were the WIN-Panel is installed or directly to the modular connection box were the NQ-Panels are connected.

We are convinced that this is the perfect tool to have immediate access to the customers opinion, in contrast to having customers fill out questionnaires when they have left the location.

The CFP also gives a great opportunity to reward personnel.

Included in our pricing is the design and manufacturing of custom prints for the Customer Feedback Panel.

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