Ikon Apps & Remote Units m fade Apps and Remote Units

At Nemo-Q we customize specific solutions for different types of remote units, for example iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android. One situation where this could be of  use is when utalizing a mobile workspace as it is then possible to call a new customer or use a portable ticket dispenser. Other areas of use include monitoring real time statistics and booking management. With these portable units you also have the possibility of sending number tickets via text message as well as sending e-mail and text message reminders.

When mobility is key and you are in need of a portable unit to handle the queuing system, we recommend the iPod Touch as a cost-effective alternative.

We design solutions with functions that specifically meet your needs.

Here you can download a demo version of our iPod/iPhone app.

If you are interested in learning more about this or any other of our queuing systems, feel free to contact us!