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To give your customer an added value to the duration of their wait as well as lowering the perceived waiting time, a variety of different queuing systems can be used. They can vary from  a small simple system for a single cashier and customer group up to a very advanced system with hundreds of cashiers on different floors, different locations and for different customer groups.

Below you will find more information about the different types of queue and customer flow systems. There is unlimited possibility for variation with custom made solutions for different types of customer flow.

Contact us today so that we can help you assemble a system that perfectly meets the needs of your specific organisation, regardless of size.

Ikon Government m fade For Servicekontor 1 1000pxGovernment

Queuing and customer flow solutions for Tax offices, State agencies, Courts, Consulates etc.

More about Government solutions!

Ikon Healthcare m fade Turistbyrå 3 1000pxFor Healthcare

Queuing and customer flow solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Pharmacies etc.

More about Healthcare solutions!

Ikon Retail m fade Clas Ohlson 1 1000pxFor Retail and Utilities

Queuing and customer flow solutions for Department stores, Grocery Stores, Mobile Phone stores etc.

More about solutions for Retail and Utilities!

Ikon Financial m fade For Bank 2 1000pxFinancial Sector

Queuing and customer flow solutions for Financial Institutions, Banks, Credit Unions, Money exchange etc.

More about solutions for the Financial Sector!

Ikon Outdoor m fade Utomhusdisplay 1 1000pxFor Outdoor Queuing

Queuing and customer flow solutions for Dispatch and Loading facilities, Car service shops, Tire shops, Ski resorts etc.

More about solutions for Outdoor Queuing!

Ikon Virtual Queuing m fade Flygplats 1 1000pxVirtual Queuing

All our queuing and customer flow systems are for virtual queuing and help to get rid of actual lines.

More about Virtual Queuing solutions!

Ikon Small Business Queuing m fade Telebutik 1 1000pxSmall Businesses

Simple systems for shops and small businesses in need of organized queuing for advice, purchase, service etc.

More about Small Business solutions!

Ikon Ventus m fade Bank 1 1000pxVentus – Appointment

Online scheduling software to be used as an integrated part of a Nemo-Q queuing system or as a stand alone solution for appointments.

More about Ventus – Appointment Systems Online!

Ikon SMS m fade Servicekontor 2 1000pxText Message Queuing

Text message integration providing information from the queuing system regarding queue status, queue number and estimated waiting times.

More about Text Message Queuing!

Ikon Digital Signag m fade Turistbyrå 2 1000pxDigital Signage

Integrate a system for Digital Signage into your queuing system.

More about Digital Signage!

Ikon NQ-Voice m fade Ambassad 1 1000pxNQ-Voice

Let your queuing system announce all or selected actions with a synthetic voice to help guide your customers.

More about NQ-Voice!

Ikon CFP m fade Reseshop 1 1000pxCustomer Feedback

Get  instant ratings of your service level by using our Customer Feedback Panel.

More about Customer Feedback!

Ikon Apps & Remote Units m fade Turistbyrå 1 1000pxApps and Remote

Use smartphone Apps to call customers, evaluate the queuing situation etc.

More about Apps and Remote Units!

Ikon ticket m fade Elkedja 1 1000pxTickets

Get the best quality tickets specially adapted for Nemo-Q queuing systems.

More about Nemo-Q Tickets!