Ikon TOM m fade The Original 11010


Height: 1190 mm
Width: 260 mm
Depth: 100-350 mm

This ticket dispenser comes with up to eight buttons for different service types. Every button is equipped with optional text describing the service type.

The ticket dispenser can be equipped with a card reader for identity recognition (se below) or for handling customers in a VIP queue. It can also use a synthetic voice to announce your queue number, tell you the current queue number and then call you to the right workstation when its your turn.

The cover can be finished in your choice of color or wood veneer such as oak, birch, or beech (contact us for pricing information).

For other ticket displensers with buttons please see Ticket dispenser 11082 or Ticket dispenser 11070.

Uses for identity recognition:

  • Prioritize within the queuing system
  • Analyze customer identity and arrival time
  • Prepare customer information before arrival at the workstation
  • Greet the customer by name on the ticket
  • Call the customer by name or other text on displays, TV-screens, Computer screens etc.