Ikon TOM m fade NQ-Voice

Instead of using a traditional sound unit with a two-tone signal you can use other artificial sounds or a voice via TTS technology.

TTS means “Text To Speech” and with this technology you can create spoken words by simply writing text from a keyboard into a computer program. This program then translate the text to synthetic speech. You can choose from several different languages and even different accents.

You can use TTS to announce different events in the queuing system. When calling a customer, the voice can say the actual queue number and to what workstation the customer is assigned.

Commonly, TTS is used as an option where your customers can choose to have their queue number both as a ticket and in spoken form by pressing a separate button on the ticket dispenser. This button can be placed discretely on the side of the ticket dispenser or highlighted for maximum visiblity. When a workstation calls this customer the queuing system will speak again to announce the queue number, what workstation to go to and also directions to that workstation.

In certain venues, like eye clinics and hospitals in general, you might want the synthetic voice to speak on all queue numbers.

You can also use TTS to greet your customers in their native language as they use the touch screen on the ticket dispensers, call customers by name or booking number or direct customers to another department etc.

Click here for a sample voice announcing queuenumber.

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