Ikon TOM m fade Main Display Combination 7


3 pc Item number: 11663-71, displays
1 pc Item number: 11620, text plate


Height: 505 mm
Width: 587 mm
Depth: 31 mm
Weight: 4,31 kg

This display shows latest queue number on the top row, previous number on row two and the queue number before that on row three. This means the display does not have dedicated rows for every service type but shows all queue numbers in the order they are called regardless of service type. The combination consists of four pieces; three displays and one text plate with your choice of text. As seen in the picture, this display also has a service type letter to further enhance the connection to a specific service type.

The service type letter can of course be provided for displays in combination 2combination 5 and combination 6. One advantage of having a service type letter is that you do not need a describing text for every service type.

The display can be completed with more rows for more previous queue numbers if so required.

There are dedicated fixtures so that the display can be mounted on a wall or hung from the ceiling.
Choose between red, green, yellow or white LED color or a combination of different colors Diodfärgerfor different rows.