Ikon TOM m fade Main Display Combination 2


1pc Item number: 11671-71, display
1pc Item number: 11619, text plate


Height: 185 mm
Width: 525 mm
Depth: 31 mm
Weight: 1,32 kg

This display shows current queue number for one service type including cashier number with directional arrow. The combination consists of two pieces; one display and one text plate with your choice of text.
Apart from showing only one service type the display can alternate between service types to show the latest queue number and it can also be combined with additional rows showing previous number and the number before that as shown in combination 7 (this combination is also equipped with service type letter).
If you would like to show several different service types at the same time please see combination 5 or combination 6.

There are dedicated fixtures so that the display can be mounted on a wall or hung from the ceiling.
DiodfärgerChoose between red, green, yellow or white LED color.