Ikon TOM m fade Item no. 11663A


Height: 145 mm
Width: 587 mm
Depth: 31 mm
Weight: 1,40 kg

This display shows current queue number for one service type including cashier number and directional arrow. The queue number can be shown with service type letter or with four digits as in shown the picture above. The display can be used on its own, with a text plate as shown in combination 2 or as a display with more than one service type as shown in combination 5 or combination 6. It can can also be used to show latest queue number on multiple rows as shown in combination 7 (current number on the first row, previous number on the second row etc).
There are dedicated fixtures so that the display can be mounted on a wall or hung from the ceiling.
DiodfärgerChoose between red, green, yellow or white LED color.