Ikon TOM m fade Win Panel

This is a client application software that can be adapted in both design and function to fit your specific needs.
The cashier panel software will be visible on existing computer screens in the workstation environment using your local network. It is designed to take up as little space on the computer screen as possible and still be versatile and easy to use. The software will always stay on top and you can place it anywhere on your computer screen. It also has a “hot key” function which enables you to call a new customer or close the current case via the keyboard. The panel is compatible with AD (Active Directory).
As an alternative you could get a similar software for Internet connectivity instead of using an existing local network. Please see iPod Web Panel or Web Panel for this alternative software.

Win Panel

Functions (standard)

  • Call the next customer
  • Forward customers to another workstation along with a text message
  • Put customers on hold
  • Alert the back office in case of needed support at the workstation
  • Place customers in a different service type
  • Case history of customer activities using case codes

Statistical Information (standard)

  • Number of waiting customers
  • Waiting time
  • Name of the queues
  • VIP queues
  • Group queues