Ikon TOM m fade Back Office Display Combination 1


1pc Item number: 11603-71, display
1pc Item number: 11613, text plate


Height: 185 mm
Width: 267 mm
Depth: 31 mm
Weight: 0,67 kg

This display shows the number of waitng customers for one specific service type. The combination consists of two pieces; one display and one text plate with your choice of text. It could also show the longest waiting time for one specific service type (how long the next customer has waited in minutes).
The display can also be combined with a loudspeaker and alarm function for when a specific work station needs help. When the alarm button on a cashier panel is activated the loudspeaker will sound and the workstation number will temporarily flash on the display.
You can combine the displays for number of waiting customers and longest waiting time with or without alarm in different configurations as shown in combination 2 and combination 3.
There are dedicated fixtures so that the display can be mounted on a wall, hung from the ceiling or mounted on a pole from a counter.
DiodfärgerChoose between red, green, yellow or white LED color.