Ikon TOM m fade Card Reader

Magnetic Card

The card reader is used to identify the customer and based on this generate a ticket number that can be prioritized above other customers or ticket numbers. Additionally, if using a touch screen you can choose a page that the customer only has access to after identification by card and card reader. The page could for example show buttons where the customer can choose the desired queue, and then can receive a prioritized ticket number. The page can also show information that only is intended for identified customers.

The system can also be integrated with a parent system that controls the card and gives priority of the customer in the queuing system. The system can read all type of cards with a magnetic strip.


  • Prioritized ticket number
  • Informing via a touch screen
  • Choose a specific queue via a touch screen and then can receive a prioritized ticket number
  • Show statistics on the special queues where customers with a magnetic card are served