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In the following section you will find our product range. We can also customize products with special housings designed for a certain location or business.

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Ikon Main Displays m fade Government Office 1000pxMain Displays

Displays showing general information in the customer area such as queue number with or without cashier number, number of waiting or waiting time.

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Ikon Cashier Displays m fade Pharmacy 1000pxCashier Displays

Displays showing queue number for a specific cashier (mounted above or in the vicinity of a service station).

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Ikon Back Office Displays m fade Bank 1000pxBack Office Displays

Displays showing information for the staff about the current queuing situation like number of waiting customers and waiting time.

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Ikon NQP m fade Tourist Center 1 1000pxCashier Panels

Devices for calling a customer to a workstation, queue or user including both hardware and software.

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Ikon NA m fade Arlanda parking 1000pxTicket Dispensers

Devices from which a customer can recieve any form of ticket including both touchscreen solutions and pushbutton kiosks.

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Ikon NQ-Voice m fade Government Office GBG 1000pxSpeech & Sound units

Loudspeakers and units for synthetic speech.

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Ikon Additional Products m fade Car Testing Facility 1000pxAdditional Products

Central units, cardreaders, Customer Feedback Panel and barcode reader.

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