Ikon About Us m fade About Us and our queuing system

Nemo-Q International AB was founded in 1978 by two innovative university students named Lars Jarder and Bengt Ahlström. They recognized a need for a functioning queuing system that would not only help corporations make their work more effective but also would facilitate for their customers. Instead of standing in a physical line and wait your turn, it was now possible to take a ticket number and then sit and read or do something else while waiting to be serviced. Thus, the concept “an active wait” was born.

Today the company alone has grown but also its supply of systems and products. Starting as a small local innovator in Sollentuna, the company has now grown to a world leading supplier of various queue and customer flow systems. Ticket dispensers, displays, ticket numbers and not the least software can be delivered in a variety of solutions to meet the needs of queue and customer flow management of today. Nemo-Q is represented in more than 60 countries worldwide and is the supplier for about 75% of the Scandinavian markets.

The company’s head offices are situated in Sollentuna, about 20km north of Stockholm. This location being close to both Arlanda Airport and the trains, facilitates travel for co-workers as well as visitors.

The company handles everything ranging from order entry, marketing and development to inventory management, manufacturing and delivery. Both the Swedish and the international market are run from the offices in Sollentuna.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about how you could make your customer flow management more effective and improve the level of your service.

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